Founded in 2015 by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith after the first international workshop collaboration with Zierle & Carter in Berlin, The Marathon – Performance Art Workshop has established itself as an annual international collaboration between 5 artists – Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Alexandra Zierle, Paul Carter, PASHIAS and Francesco Kiais, with each workshop taking place in another country or city.
The Marathon – Performance Art Workshop to date has been hosted in Athens (Greece) by epitelesis – Performance Art Foundation at BOOZE COOPERATIVA, and in Nicosia (Cyprus) by Sensorium Space at Point Centre for Contemporary Art. This year The Marathon will be coming to Berlin (Germany) in May at Luisa Catucci Gallery (formerly Cell63 artplatform) and BLO-Ateliers.

What is it?

This experimental and experiential workshop offers participants a unique and intense input/collaboration with five internationally established artists, in order to experience an array of methodologies, processes and approaches to performance art, whilst being actively encouraged to delve into new and unchartered territory.
“I think the MARATHON project makes even more sense now. To intervene as artists in a territory of crisis (not ideologically), is a good occasion to deepen some aspects of our pedagogical and artistic works, opening to others (the participants of the workshop, the people witnessing) wider territories of approach to their practices and to reality”
Francesco Kiais
Francesco Kiais
Marathon Facilitator July 2015


The Marathon: On the last leg, the messenger has arrived
Das Selbstverständliche muß erstmal gedacht werden.
/ The self-evident has to be contemplated first.
Die Ahnung verdichtet das Wissen.
/ The sense of foreboding is condensing certainty.
Das Erahnen und Erkennen bestimmt das Niveau.
/ The feeling that something is about to happen,
like a breeze passing by, and the recognition determines
an unforeseen quality.
Wegweiser und Zeichen erkennen.
/ Identifying landmarks and signs
Joseph Beuys sagte einmal:
“…wenn mich die Dinge nicht rufen, gehe ich nicht hin.”
/ Joseph Beuys said once:“…if things don’t call me, I am not going.”

About the workshop’s methodology

The marathon is often used as a metaphor for strenuous efforts and intense concentration, aimed to reach a distant goal. But a marathon runner learns how to distribute his energy on the way, making of every step a ‘finish line’.
Along our ideal marathon through the city, -which is a daily theatre of millions of marathons-, you’ll be invited to find your own ‘finish line’, proceeding in your personal research.
Through the encounter with different methodologies of the facilitators, and with other participants, the process of the emotional, spatial, visual, and physical negotiation, will activate itself, generating our common territory to meet, to share discussions and actions, and giving space for risk taking, and shifting known parameters.
Giving weight to the individual in its particularity and originality, the “Marathon” project leads to different theoretical and practical experiences and exercises, opening up the necessary amplitude to develop his/her visual/action-based vocabulary, in a supportive environment, with artistic and practical feedback.
“The Marathon” Performance Art Workshop offers a route into five stages where each participant will pass through four different artistic and pedagogical approaches, in terms of individual and collective experiences, with moments of verbal and practical reflection, analysis, and synthesis. At the end of this path, each participant will mark a different ‘starting line’, presenting their own work.