Francesco Kiàis

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About Francesco Kiàis' Working Process

Aίσθηση (aesthisi): that is, the feeling, the perception, the experience of the senses. The aesthetic knowledge leads us to consider the body as a center. But, only if they are aware of the context – and of the presence of the other that is beyond me, around me – the centrality of my body acquires a meaning. Without the other, I’m just in the middle of myself, isolated.
The work of Kiàis (IT/GR) focuses on dialogue between contrasts and differences, bringing the specificity of places and peoples memories, to be activated poetically in an individual and collective ritual, played on the ground of the mutual presence, both corporeal and/or incorporeal, of the performer and of those who attends/participates in the experience of a performance.
Kiàis works on body’s gestures and images, as possibility to meet the others in the ephemeral territory of a common experience. The processes of meeting, clash, integration, division, collision, and of necessary coexistence and tolerance, and finally of relation, that characterize our social contradictions and lives and histories, converges in an aesthetic gesture/experience involving both the performer and the present people in a living image. In this process all media and materials can be used.
Kiàis is a member of the curatorial board of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK and creator of the [mind the] G.A.P. – Gathering Around Performance, a platform based in Athens and focussed on Performance art. He has been invited as visitor lecturer by several Universities (Venice, Athens, Corfu, Florina), and to lead or participate in round-tables on Performance Art at institution of international level like the Benaki Museum, the Athens Biennale, SALT Istanbul, as well as at Festivals and cultural events. He worked as a facilitator and guest lecturer or leading a workshop for different educational programs on performance art, like PAS | Performance Art Studies (Athens and Venice), Transient Bodies (Istanbul), Performance now (Thessaloniki, University of West Macedonia), besides his involvement as a facilitator in The Marathon – Performance Art Workshop.
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