Live Performance Art Series

Photographs taken by Dafni Lianantonaki, Petros Koumantaris, Dimitris Priftis, Titika Stamouli,
Semelis Agrafiotis and the Marathon Workshop Facilitators

19 September 2015

Booze Cooperativa, Athens


  • Angel Alado (MX)
  • Titika Stamouli (GR)
  • Sophie Terlega (AU-GR)
  • Katya Petetskaya (RU-AU)
  • Claude Boudeau (FR)
  • Lizzie Masterson (UK)
  • Anniken Weber (NO - UK)
  • Angeliki Chaido Tsoli (GR)
  • Dafni Lianantonaki (GR)


Under the title “The Marathon”, epitelesis – Performance Art Foundation presented a series of live performances on Saturday 19th of September 2015 – 18:00 until 22:00 at multiple spaces provided by Booze Cooperativa, as a result of its homonymous educational workshop and under the guidance of artists Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Zierle & Carter, PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis.

Sharing the center of Athens as a starting point to their ‘marathon’, all participants were encouraged to explore diverse routes of cultural production, in which the territory of a personal urgency contains the potential to transform into a communal area of exchange and co-existence, instead of another ‘finish line’.


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epitlesis Performance Art Foundation

‘epitelesis Presents…’ Volunteers:
All the workshop participants

Booze Cooperativa:
Nikos Louvros and team

Dafni Lianantonaki, Petros Koumantaris, Dimitris Priftis, Titika Stamouli, and Semelis Agrafiotis