Berlin 2015

The Marathon -

2015 Berlin Performance Art Workshop

"Pushing the inside out – Drawing the outside in"


Cell63 artplatform

Neukölln / Berlin - Germany


Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Zierle & Carter

15th - 21st September 2015

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€200 per person


  • Marta Lodola (IT)
  • Heekyung Ryu (KR)
  • Fay Stevens (UK)
  • David Frankovich (CA/FI)
  • Benjamin Goddard (UK)
  • Bo/Ramona (DK)
  • Diana Sora Hernandez (MX - FI)
  • Marina Barsy Janer (PR)
  • Lina-Maria Larsson (SE)
  • Brigitte Hart (AU)
  • Rachel Parry (UK)
  • Robert Hardaker (UK)
  • Moa Johansson (SE)
  • Jolanda Jansen (NL)
  • Orinta Pranaityte (UK)


Workshop day led by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
Workshop day led by Zierle & Carter
Workshop day led by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (includes outside sessions, site-specific work)
Workshop day led by Zierle & Carter. Hal gallery based and half on site at Templehofer feld (ex-airport strip)
General Feedback / Individual tutorials / Event Curating + Planning
Zierle & Carter Live Performance at S0MA Evening Event
Live performances presented by workshop participants
Reflection / Feedback


Facilitated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and artist duo Zierle & Carter over five consecutive days, this experimental and experiential workshop in the Neukölln district of Berlin offered a unique and an intense input-collaboration of three internationally established artists, where participants experienced an array of methodologies, processes and approaches to performance art, whilst being actively encouraged to delve into new and unchartered territory.

A Public Performance Program of participants’ work conclded the workshop on Saturday June 20th with public presentations between 10am – 7pm.

The workshop drew to a close for workshop participants with a final feedback session on the morning of Sunday 21st at 10am.


Photographs by Marietta Mavrokordatou, Pavlos Vrionides and the Marathon Facilitators


The Performance Art workshop will tend towards a hybrid multimode experience, offering a conscious approach to the student/artist’s working progress with detailed and varied integral elements to encourage confidence in an experimental approach towards individual work practice.

Work-based learning and student feedback are seen as part of Teaching and Learning strategies. The workshop is the focus of devising individual work plans, time management, use and understanding of language, considering the idea of method and structure by each participating student as a culmination in the five-day workshop.

During the workshop, students will show a sustained interest in the awareness of self, observation skills, good planning, aspects of intentionality and preparation of the work, engaged feed-back and discussions on contemporary art and performance art issues.

The self-development in a workshop arises from teaching methods, which are reflective at all times and mirror certain views and attitudes towards materials, objects and their relationships. The character of the workshop is combined:

  • Intuitive skills to differentiate presentation and representation
  • Avoidance of rigidity: priority of creativity, freedom of originality
  • Initiation of inventive strategies towards the aesthetic relation of body and object
  • New research into the nature of exhibition and presentation and communication
  • The free and courageous confrontation with a public or audience situation whilst maintaining authentic intentions for the sake of the work

The feeling of kinship with the elements of one field of art increases with the invention of relationships and connections. These relationships, as part of a whole problem on a broader philosophical base, become the search for synthesis in general.


We will share with you our wide range of experiences and personal perspectives on performance art through a highly experiential exploration of our working methods from our personal toolbox.

Here we find a number of physical and mental processes and experiments, statements and beliefs that have helped us to expand, deepen our practice, and have continuously lead us into new territories.


We will look at the more visible components of a performance practice, such as the body, time/duration, space, materials and objects, as well as explore the more hidden components, such as intention, emotions, inner senses, intuition, focus and visioning.

We will explore mind-body centring exercises as well as some body-space perception exercises as methods of arriving into a place of enhanced embodiment and presence and as preparation for the process and material led approaches.

We will experiment extensively with material led processes that will lead us into an intimate dialogue with any chosen material/object and will give us the ability to explore its essence, letting it guide our actions and allowing us to really listen to what qualities captivate us and want to be expressed through us. Through this journey the materials/objects can become an extension of our bodies and we are able to put aside our conventional societal and cultural filters and find new meanings/experiences.

What does it take to step into dialogue with a wall, a cooking pot, your dinner plate, a bag of rubble, a tree or an entire city?

We will investigate the ‘fabric of things’ (materials/objects/space) through methods that will develop our sensitivity and ability to fine-tune our five senses individually.

We will learn how to switch off the intellect, the critic, the logical mind, to welcome intuition as an ally and guide, opening a space for raw, authentic poetic actions, and finding a balance between instinctive and rational inspired thinking.

We will share a series of highly practical creative and devising processes that can be used both in solo work as well as in collaborative work beyond the workshop.

We will explore a wide band of methodologies and performance models/structures/forms including one to one interactions, social sculptures, interventions, within the frame work of solo and group performances.

Together as a group, we will seek out spaces that metaphorically lay ‘in between’ – liminal spaces, no mans lands, borderlines, thresholds and edges. Here we will encounter the territory of the trickster and the fool, two archetypes that we will explore through experimental exercises and see how they can influence our work as artists.

We will delve into exploring ‘site’, both as the location where the work resides and also as the source for the work, exploring different methods of investigation to create site specific performances.

At times we will let ‘the wolves’ go to town to ‘scavenge’ for materials, places and spaces, encounters, questions, and conversations that will feed into our performances.

We will introduce methods of personal reflection throughout the workshop through experimental forms of documentation and record keeping.


  • The body as canvas
  • Alchemical processes and symbolism
  • -Shape-shifting as performance practice
  • The terror and fascination of encountering otherness
  • The sculptural language and aesthetics of performance
  • The sublime and profane
  • The fabric of the everyday
  • Dynamic provocations
  • Actions and their ripple effect
  • Traces left behind
  • How do you treat your audience?
  • Humour and sincerity
  • Reversing orders and turning things inside out
  • How to arrive at meaningful questions?

There will be plenty of time to work on developing your performances and your individual visual/action-based vocabulary in a supportive and critical environment, with artistic and logistical feedback from us and from the group, with technical support where possible. As facilitators, we will aim to both challenge and support participants to tease out the best in their work. There will be time to witness, discuss, reflect and critique each other’s work. As this is a predominantly experientially focused workshop, based on first hand embodied experience, we will keep the theoretical studies to a minimum, yet contextualise where necessary. At times we will work dynamically, intensively and will undoubtedly at points reach our limits, which will be balanced with gentle and introspective exercises. We will follow and respond to the specific group dynamics and the particular interests of the participants, so all is not set in stone.

All these experiments, exercises/games, assignments, and discussions will lead you to develop your own individual work as well as participating in collaborative performances with fellow artists.

Our intention with this workshop is to create a temporal hub of experimentation, a supportive space for risk taking, and parameter shifting, different from those known and familiar. Though brief, we hope that the group convened will have a lasting life and effect outside of this specific locale and context and create a peer supportive community of like minds.


Luisa Catucci

David Frankovich, Heekyung Ryu, Jolanda Jansen and Rachel Parry


If you are interested in experiencing The Marathon – Performance Art Workshop then visit the Workshops page for details of upcoming workshops. If you would like to know more then pelase don’t hesitate to contact us.