Host + Venue

For 2017, we are excited to be working with two spaces, Luisa Catucci Gallery, who are hosting us and acting as the main workshop base, and with BLO-Ateliers where the workshop activities will take place.

Berlin 2017 Host : Luisa Catucci Gallery

Luisa Catucci Gallery was born in Berlin, October 2009 as Cell63 Art Platform; after 150 exhibitions showing over 200 emerging artists from all over the planet, for its 7th birthday Cell63 received a fresh amazing restyled space, a body of work of established artists and the new grown up name. Placed in Neukölln, in the heart of the Schillerkiez, the gallery has benefited from that breath of fresh air responsible for the huge transformation of the area’s facet during the last decade: that type of spark making Berlin so famous and attractive all around the globe.
With an eye permanently focused on ecology and the relation bonding human beings and nature, the artistic research shown at the gallery explores also the inner fantastic imaginarium and its contrasting correlation with the contemporary society.
A selection of original artworks and limited editions prints is always available and can be purchased directly at the gallery or online at our Artsy’s Shop.

Berlin 2017 Venue : BLO-Ateliers

Since 2003 the BLO Ateliers offer ateliers and workspaces for artists. The BLO Ateliers are one of the most interesting and largest artists communities in East Berlin. Here you can find the creative atmosphere and culture of some of the best contemporary artists working on their projects.